Daniel Raider L.Ac.

acupuncture & herbs

About Daniel

Daniel is excited to work with patients and enjoys helping people heal and stay healthy.


Daniel was raised in Southern California, attended college at Berkeley and lived and worked in the San Francisco/Bay Area before coming to Portland. He's been in Portland since 1991. With a degree in Biology, Daniel worked as an environmental consultant for 10 years before attending Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture college, here in Portland. His work as a systems biologist provided a direct interest in the holistic or system-approach of Oriental Medicine and found that two fields shared many aspects.

Daniel traveled and lived in Middle East for 3 years and the Far East for a year and was exposed to many types of medicine, including aryuvedic, homeopathy, local medicine treatments, shamans and herbalists.

Medical education & practice

Daniel's first introduction to Chinese Medicine was a class in Qi Gong he attended in 1993. He quickly became very dedicated to this practice and obtained his credentials within a year's time to teach both beginning and advanced students from a Qi Gong Master. Daniel has maintained a private acupuncture practice since 2001. In the summer of 2007, David Berkshire asked Daniel to join his clinic. The two have known each other since they attended school together, over ten years now.

Daniel has trained and practiced extensively using Dr. Richard Tan's "Balance Method" of acupuncture for all types of physical and emotional conditions. Daniel started practicing this method while in school for acupuncture and has had great success in helping people with all types of acute and chronic conditions. The "Balance Method" brings healing to the body by rapidly balancing diseased channels using a minimal number of needles. The objective of this type of treatment is to provide instantaneous results, especially with regard to acute and chronic pain. In addition, Daniel has a deep understanding and extensive use of Classic Chinese Herbology. Daniel also practices craniosacral therapy and qi gong as an adjunct to acupucture and herbs.


In addition to Chinese medicine, Daniel and his wife, Shari, own and operate Sauvie Island Organics, an organic vegetable and fruit farm located on Sauvie Island, about 15 miles northwest of Portland. The farm has been operating since 1992 and provides food for over 200 families and many restaurants in town. Daniel and Shari were married in 2000 and have two children, Elias, age 5 and Yael, age 2. Daniel is particularly obsessed with producing really good peaches and apples while Shari is considered (by Daniel, and others) the queen of veggies.

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